Individual and group tutoring

Individual and group tutoring with alerno

Have fun learning with alerno.
As a partner to public schools, part of our core concept is to positively motivate students so that they enjoy learning voluntarily. Our learning coaches specifically address the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student, thus laying the foundation for optimal and sustainable learning success. Choose one of our
11 alerno locations in Bremen and the surrounding
that is closest to your home and just drop by!

Individual lessons in a small group

  • three to a maximum of 5 tutoring students
  • weekly at agreed times
  • all students are individually supervised
  • good and pleasant atmosphere for learning

Private lessons

  • Private lessons
  • A lot of material in a short time
  • after a longer absence, a stay abroad or an illness (in case of large knowledge gaps)
  • Preparation and follow-up of school lessons

Advantages of learning in a small group:

  • positive motivation, learning together
  • less stress, others also make mistakes
  • favorable price due to group constellation
  • sufficient working time (90 min. units)
  • one free extra appointment per month
  • transparent learning development of the students

Advantages of learning in private lessons:

  • Have the learning coach to yourself
  • Adjusttimes and school subject at short notice
  • own learning speed
  • undisturbed learning, no distractions
  • transparent learning development of the students
  • especially effective for exam preparation

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