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“My name is Sabina Gante. I am the site manager in Vegesack. I’m excited to introduce you to my alerno tutoring site.”

Tel.: 0421 – 65 30 615

Consultation on site

Mon. – Thu. from 14:30 to 17:30.
Friday from 14:00 to 16:30.

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With us in Vegesack

a+ Directly in Bremen-North

Directly in Bremen-North, in the heart of Vegesack, alerno is located in the pedestrian zone directly above the bookstore “Thalia” on the second floor. In addition to Vegesackers, students from Schwanewede, Lemwerder and Blumenthal attend this location.

a+ Flexible options

We are partners with many public schools. A combination of individual, small group and online lessons tailored to your child’s needs is available at alerno Tutoring. possible at any time.

a+ Free tutoring available

Within the framework of education and participation, tutoring is free of charge. You can ask your public school if this option is available for your child.

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Here you will be welcomed friendly

Vegesack classroom

Learning is twice as easy in a cozy atmosphere.

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Why alerno tutoring?

a+ Individual advice

During our get-to-know-you meeting, we will look at your child’s school situation together.
Then we consider what would be best for your child and develop an individualized support program.

a+ try alerno for free:

➜ no registration fee

➜ Optional without minimum contract term

➜ test free of charge

➜ Test month

➜ one free tutoring session per month (for example before tests)

➜ 100% flexible learning – on-site or online

➜ motivated teachers for all school subjects

Free tutoring possible with Bremen Pass

Get the “Förderantrag für Inhaber des Bremen-Passes” (Info Bremen-Pass).

  • We will simply send it to you free of charge by e-mail or post.

Request Bremen Passport Form.

“I never thought in my life that I would ever enjoy math.”

Alina, 15, schoolgirl

“What’s nice is that it only takes Andrea five minutes to get to her English tutoring at alerno.”

Susanne, 52, mother

“I like that I can come for two hours every month for free,
Before a job or something.”

Ole, 11, Pupil
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