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Free tutoring with education and participation (BuT)

How can you apply for free tutoring for your child with alerno?

Registration for pupils via education and participation (BuT) in Lower Saxony and Bremerhaven

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Step 1

You will need a letter from the classroom teacher confirming that your child needs tutoring to achieve his/her academic goals.


Step 2

Now visit your alerno desired location and get a quote for tutoring.


Step 3

With the letter from the school and the offer for tutoring from your alerno location, you go to the job center and point out that you would like to have your child supported by alerno as part of education and participation.
For the approval of free tutoring within the framework of education and participation, you need a written confirmation from the job center.


Step 4

Now all you have to do is present the confirmation at the alerno location of your choice and you will immediately receive appointments for free tutoring.

Free tutoring with education and participation (BuT)

All children in your household can get education and participation benefits if you or your child receive one of the following government benefits:
  • Child supplement,
  • Citizen’s Income,
  • Social cash benefit,
  • Welfare,
  • Housing allowance or
  • Asylum seeker benefits.

The individual benefits for education and participation have different further requirements. Most benefits are available for children, teens and young adults up to their 25th birthday.

Free tutoring via Bildung und Teilhabe (BuT) is provided at our locations or directly at our partner schools.

Contact us if you want to know if tutoring is offered through Education and Participation in your school.

Tutoring for your child is free of charge within the framework of education and participation (BuT).

Do you still have questions or are you unsure whether free tutoring through Education and Participation (BuT) is an option for you?
Then call us gladly, at any time, free of charge

0800 14 14 14 6 

or contact us directly via our contact form.

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